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For container


Q: Whether the container needs customs clearance and declaration

A: Containers can be shipped out of the country with the freight, at this time is not required to declare customs clearance.

However, when the container is shipped empty or as a container building then the clearance process needs to go.
Q: What size of container can you provide ?

A: We provide10'GP,10'HC, 20'GP, 20'HC, 40'GP, 40'HC, 45'HC and 53'HC, 60’HC ISO shipping container. Also customized size is acceptable.


Q: What is SOC container?

A: SOC container refers to "Shipper Owned Container", that is, "Shipper Owned Container". In international freight transportation, there are usually two types of containers: COC (Carrier Owned Container) and SOC (Shipper Owned Container), COC is the carrier's own owned and managed containers, and SOC is the owner's own purchased or leased containers used for the shipment of goods.