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Hysun Depot and Storage

HYSUN Depot and Storage Service, help customers achieve optimal warehousing solutions

Thank you for your interest in Hysun container storage services. Hysun do provide container storage services in major ports in China and the United States to meet Hysun customers' warehousing needs.

Hysun services include the following:
Depot Facilities: Hysun depot facilities are spacious and equipped with professional infrastructure to accommodate a large number of containers. Hysun ensure that the depot ground is hardened, fencing is secure, there are surveillance cameras, gate security, and adequate lighting to ensure the safety and protection of containers.
Security Measures: Hysun prioritize container security and implement various security measures, including security personnel patrols, surveillance cameras, visitor registration systems, and security checks at entrances and exits to ensure the safety of containers in the depot.
Stacking Management: Hysun follow specific rules and procedures for container stacking management based on customer requirements. Hysun can classify containers based on cargo owners or destinations, stack them in a specific order, and conduct regular inspections and maintenance to ensure organized container management.
Inventory Management: The depot have advanced inventory management systems that allow us to track and manage containers stored in the yard. Customers can easily inquire about the location and status of their containers and receive timely inventory reports for storage management and decision-making.
Special Services: Hysun also provide special services to meet specific customer needs, such as container cleaning, repairs, loading and unloading, and provision of loading and unloading equipment. Hysun can customize services based on customer requirements.

Hysun are committed to providing high-quality container storage services to help customers achieve optimal warehousing solutions. If you have any further questions or specific requirements, please feel free to contact us.