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Hysun Containers

20ft High Cube New Used Cargo worthy Shipping Container

  • Category: Products
  • ISO Code: 25G1

Short Description:

● Increased height providing extra vertical space for cargo
● Suitable for transporting tall or high-volume goods, such as machinery
● Adheres to the standard length and width dimensions of a 20′

Product Description:
Product Name:ISO shipping container
Place of Product:Shanghai,China
Tare Weight:2250KGS
Max Gross Weight:30480KGS
Inner Capacity:37.4CBM
Modes of packing:SOC(shipper own container)
External Dimensions:6058×2438×2896mm
Internal Dimensions:5900×2352×2698mm

Page View: 34 Update Date: November 2, 2023
$ 1800-2800

Product Detail

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Essential details

Type: 20ft High Cube Dry Container
Capacity: 37.4 CBM
Internal Dimensions(l x W x H)(mm): 5896x2352x2698
Color: Beige/Red/Blue/Grey Customized
Material: Steel
Logo: Available
Price: Discussed
Length (feet): 20'
External Dimensions(l x W x H)(mm): 6058x2438x2896
Brand Name: Hysun
Product Keywords: 20 high cube shipping container
Port: Shanghai/Qingdao/Ningbo/Shanghai
Standard: ISO9001 Standard
Quality: Cargo-worthy Sea Worthy Standard
Certification: ISO9001

Product description

External Dimensions
(L x W x H)mm
Internal Dimensions
(L x W x H)mm
Door Dimensions
(L x H)mm
Inner capacity
37.4 CBM
Tare Weight
Max Gross Weight
30480 KGS

Material list

 ISO standard corner, 178x162x118mm
 Floor Beam for long side
 Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 4.0mm
 Floor Beam for short side
 Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 4.5mm
 28mm, intensity: 7260kg
 Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 6.0mm
 Inner column for back side
 Steel: SM50YA + channel steel 13x40x12
 Wall panel-long side
 Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 1.6mm+2.0mm
 Wall panel-short side
 Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 2.0mm
 Door Panel
 Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 2.0mm
 Horizontal beam for door
 Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 3.0mm for standard container and 4.0mm for high cube container
 4 set container lock bar
 Top Beam
 Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 4.0mm
 Top panel
 Steel: CORTEN A, thickness: 2.0mm
The paint system is guaranteed against corrosion and/or paint failure for a period of five (5) years.
Inside wall paint thickness: 75µ Outside Wall paint thickness: 30+40+40=110u
Outside Roof paint thickness: 30+40+50=120u Chassis paint thickness: 30+200=230u

Applications or special features

1. Tall or Bulky Cargo:
The increased height of a 20HC container makes it ideal for transporting tall or bulky cargo, such as oversized machinery, tall furniture, or standing displays, that require additional vertical space.
2. High-Volume Goods:
The extra cargo capacity of a 20HC container makes it suitable for shipping high-volume goods, such as lightweight but large items, including textiles, foam, or packaging materials, that would otherwise take up more space in a standard-height container.
3. Storage Solutions:
20HC containers are commonly used for short- or long-term storage solutions, especially when there is a need for storing tall or bulky items, inventory, or equipment. Their increased height allows for efficient stacking and utilization of available vertical space.
4. Construction Sites:
20HC containers can be converted into on-site offices, workshops, or storage facilities at construction sites. Their increased height offers a comfortable working environment and ample space for tools, materials, and equipment needed on the site.

Packaging & delivery

Transport and ship with SOC style overworld
(SOC: Shipper own container)

CN:30+ports   US:35+ports    EU:20+ports

Hysun service

Production line

Our factory promotes lean production activities in an all-round way, opening the first step of forklift-free transportation and closing the risk of air and ground transportation injury in workshop, also creating a series of lean improvement achievements such as streamlined production of container steel parts etc.… It is known as a “cost-free, cost effective” model factory for lean production

production line


Every 3 mins to get a container from automatic production line.

Dry Cargo Container: 180,000 TEU per year
Special & Non-standard Container: 3,000 units per year

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make it quick and easy to adapt.

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Q: What about delivery date?

A: This is basis on the quantity. For order less than 50 units, shipment date:3-4 weeks. For large quantity, pls check with us.


Q: If we have cargo in China, I want order one container to load them, how to operate it?

A: If you have cargo in China, you only pick our container up instead of shipping company's container, and then load your goods, and arranging clearance custom, and export it like normally do. It's called SOC container. We have rich experience in handling it.


Q: What size of container can you provide ?

A: We provide10'GP,10'HC, 20'GP, 20'HC, 40'GP, 40'HC, 45'HC and 53'HC, 60’HC ISO shipping container. Also customized size is acceptable.


Q: What is your terms of packing?

A: It is transporting complete container by container ship.


Q: What is your terms of payment?

A: T/T 40% down payment before production and T/T 60% balance before delivery. For big order, pls contact us to negations.


Q: What certificate can you provide us ?

A: We provide the CSC certificate of ISO shipping container.

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